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Demand Full Repeal of the Voter Suppression Bill

no voting, sorry image They’re at it again. Out-of-touch politicians in Columbus are locking the doors on your voting booth and barring you from your most sacred Democratic right. Instead of making it easier for hardworking Ohioans to vote, they're making it harder.

They've created a new bill, Senate Bill 295, that they say will repeal the Voter Suppression bill (HB 194) that limits early and absentee voting all across the state -- but the truth is it won’t. It's a bill to AVOID letting Ohioans vote to repeal HB 194 this November, and it specifically won't allow early voting the weekend and Monday prior to Election Day.

They see that outraged Ohio voters are going to strike down the voter suppression bill, and they want to stop that effort in its tracks with this new watered-down version. 

Sign your name below to demand that your representative in the Ohio House support FULL repeal of the Voter Suppression Bill:

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